Branislav Boda

Ing. Branislav Boďa

        I was born in "Orwellian year" 1984 in Partizánske (Upper Nitra), where I also grew up. I graduated at the University of Žilina in informatics. I live and work in Zilina and if I can say it so nobly, I create my art here. I work as Operations Manager for Australian company and photography, in most cases, is my hobby.
        I have started with art photography at the end of 2007. I am not that kind of guy whose whole life was dedicated to photography and who had the chance to make his first photos on grandpas Flexaret :) When I first held my father's analogue Practica at the age of around 10, I clearly remember that I had a big respect for the camera and I have manipulated with it like it was ancient porcelain.
        The origin and purpose of me doing any shots was in quite bizzare manner, through the big tropical spiders - TARANTULAs. For many years, me and my friend are amateurs devoted to tarantula´s taxonomy, breeding and maintaining awareness. We have created a large community portal ( and it was necessary to establish a gallery with copyright photographs so I bought my first compact camera(Panasonic DMC LS-2).
        The fine art photography and DSLR cameras didnt attract me because of the cool technology. Generally, I was always fascinated by the visual perception and art of the Russians. The breaking moment was seeing the film Stalker by Andrei Tarkovski. You can practicly stop it in any scene, print it and hang it on the wall. I said to myself that beautiful and visual attractiveness can be achieved in all spheres, and this is the way I want to go and express myself.
        Later on the classical falling in love situation followed. I perceived photography as a mean of artistic self-realization, change in perception of the outside world and the self-reflection.